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Being Successful Is Not About Reinventing The Wheel

It’s about improving it.

Photo by Rishi Ragunathan on Unsplash

In search of success, you’ve probably learned about the importance of finding your own niche, creating your own category, being yourself, and idiosyncrasy.

If you’re competing in established genres or categories, it’s a steep uphill. You’re up against the category queens and kings. For example, in Online Writing, you’d have to compete with Nicolas Cole.

So the solution is to create your own niche, your own category. Something unique to you.

The sheer thought of creating something new can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Seth Godin simplified it with this simple formula.

“Begin with genre. Understand it. Master it. Then change it.” — Seth Godin

And changing it is not about reinventing it.

Godin explains that Humans and Chimps share 98% of the DNA. We’re almost identical, except for two percent. Two percent! That’s what it takes to be human.

Apple didn’t invent the mobile phone. They changed the experience.

So when you decide to create your own niche, start by mastering the category you’re in, then add a little YOU in there.

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