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Follow your Passion Like a Three-Year-Old

Picture by my wife. My daughter is enjoying her book at 16-months-old.

Our three-year-old daughter loves her stories.

She asks us to read to her at every chance she gets. First thing in the morning. Before breakfast. With dinner. And right before bed.

We’ve also learned that she loves to read when at pre-school.

She doesn’t worry about having the time to read. She makes time.

Nothing stands in her way. We sometimes read ten to fifteen short stories in one sitting.

Sometimes she enjoys us reading to her, and other times she reads on her own. She asks me to read a bunch, and then it’s mom’s turn to read another set or even reread some of the stories I had just read.

The point is… she pursues her passion. She doesn’t make excuses, and she doesn’t take no for an answer.

She never thinks: There’s no time to read; I better get ready for pre-school. She never thinks: I don’t know how to read, so there’s no point trying. She never thinks: I better do something else, I already read this morning.

There are no excuses and no drama — just passion and love. Pure passion and unapologetic love for stories and life. And total presence and enjoyment of the present moment.

So be more of a three-year-old and follow your passion.

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