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How To Realize Your Goals With This Simple Practice

All you need is an hour.

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“If you want to get in shape, it’s not difficult. Spend an hour a day running or at the gym. Do that for six months or a year. Done.” — Seth Godin

Whatever you plan to do, all you need is an hour a day.

Lose weight. Put on muscle. Become a writer. Become a reader. Learn to cook. Meditate.

Whatever it is, put in the work for that hour.

You already waste your time scrolling through your phone, reading the news, watching TV, in useless gossip, or ______ (fill in the blank).

Use that time to focus on realizing your goals instead.

It’s a simple formula.


Realizing a dream = daily practice towards that dream

Daily means daily until you realize your dream. It doesn’t mean once a day for a couple of days and then giving up.

Daily means consistency.

Daily means commitment.

Daily means doing the work now, regardless of your current results.

Daily means focusing on the process and not quick wins.

Daily means every day until it’s done.

“Show us your hour spent on the practice and we’ll show you your creative path.” — Seth Godin

I plan on becoming a top writer. Can I do that while I am watching Netflix instead? Of course, not! I might become an expert at Netflix series, but not a writer.

Is it difficult? Of course, it is.

If it were easy, we wouldn’t have any issues anywhere.

Everyone would have their dream life, dream career, dreamboat, and dream house by trying once.

Everyone has tried once, but not everyone has tried every day.

Start today, and don’t stop.

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