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The Only Path To Good Writing Is Never Easy

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The only path to good writing is through bad writing — literally.

“As a young writer, your job is to get the bad words out, the bad sentences out, the stories that aren’t very good yet. And you don’t ever get them out saying I’m gonna write a bad story.” Neil Gaiman

You’ve got to write and keep writing.

Do your best writing, but don’t be discouraged because it will suck! There’s no way around it.

Your best writing will start off bad. You improve by learning from your mistakes, reading good writing, and writing some more.

There’s nothing wrong with bad writing. It’s simply young writing. It’s baby writing.

Work with it. With time and practice, it grows, evolves, transforms.

Get the bad words out and embrace the process. Good words will follow.

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