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TikTok—The World’s Most Visited Website? It isn’t Even In The Top 50!

Just ask Google

Photo by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash
Google loses its top spot as the world’s most popular website to TikTok … or so they claim.

This was all the hype a couple of months ago. TikTok beat Google for the first time and became the world’s most popular website, according to Cloudfare. I even wrote about it here.

It turns out it’s not that simple, and it isn’t the case according to,,, and, to name a few.


According to, Google ranks number one with over 43.2 billion (with a B) visits in February 2022. The closest second was Youtube, with over 12.7 billion visits last month.

Google ranking, February 2022,

Here’s the February 2022 Top 10 According to

Top 10 Most Visited Websites, February 2022,

Then you have good ol’, with a very close global rank of 56! With 597 million visits in February 2022, TikTok had less than 1.4% of Google’s traffic.

TikTok ranking, February 2022,


Here’s another example from Google is again number one, and I couldn’t fit TikTok on the table because it’s at 44.

Alexa’s top 500 sites on the web,

If we take The Moz Top 500 Websites ranking based on domain authority, we also find Google at number one and TikTok at 308 (yes, three zero eight, it’s not a typo).

According to, Google has been in the number one spot for over 12 years and counting.

Highest Number of Monthly Visits in Billions,

With over 90% of the search engine market share going to Google, I don’t think we’ll see another website replacing it anytime soon.

Source: Statcounter

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